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Information on GlenLakes Sewer Lawsuit - click - Sewer Rate Increase

Pic of Oktoberfest


Pic of Oktoberfest


Pic of Oktoberfest

Game Park “Oktoberfest Picnic” October 23rd - Click - Oktoberfest Picnic

Referral or NOT! - Click - Rated Contractors on website
Special Board Meeting of Lakeview Estates - Sewer Rate - Click - Sewer Rate Special Board Meeting
Important Letter to Lakeview Estates Residents about Sewer Rate increase - Click - Important Sewer Letter to Lakeview Estates Residents
Lakeview Estates Board meeting for Sept. - Click - Board Minutes
Game Park Donations from Jan. 1, 2015 to Sept. 23rd - Click - Game Park Donations 2015
Game Park Expenses from Jan. 1, 2015 to September 23, 2015 - Click - Game Park Expenses 2015
Update on Ownership of Lake Muriel Dam - Click - Lake Muriel Dam Problems
Special “GlenLakes Golf Club “ screening (Alzheimer) - Click - National Memory Screening Program
Fall Garage Sale is set for October 31st - for more information- Click - Garage Sale
First Meeting to form Carnoustie Place & Gardens Property Owners Associations - Click - Carnoustie Meeting
Lake Muriel update from Harold Crosby - Click - Lake Muriel
Osprey Nest update with new pictures - Click - GlenLakes Osprey Nest
Pictures of July 4th Picnic - Click - Picnic Pics July 4th 2015
Update on Co Rd 20 & Clubhouse Fund as of June 25th - Click - Golf Club Entranceway
New Lakeview Estates Architectural Review Committee (ARC) - Click - ARC Committee
The Villas Board for 2015 - Click - The Villas
Medical Equipment for loan in GlenLakes- Click - Free use of Temporary Medical Equipment
Bruce Timperley “updating” all the Blue Bird Houses around Golf Course - Click - Glenlakes News
Old Picture of Lakes Golf Course - Click - 
New Menu for “The Bunker Cafe” - Click -
New “Pickelball Club” formed on Gulf Coast Alabama for information - Click - Pickleball
FootGolf now at GlenLakes Golf Club - Click -
Future of the “Game Park”  for 2015 - Click - Game Park 2015
Memorandum of Understanding with GlenLakes Golf Club, Inc - Click - Memorandum
New Lake Muriel Chairman - Click - Lake Muriel
Game Park open for Residents & Guest - Click - Game Park
Updated Lakeview Estates By-Laws and Covenants - Click - Covenant and By-laws
New Board for The Gardens - Click - The Gardens
Trailer donated by John Hunter (Lakeview Estates)  for everyone to use in Glenlakes - Click - Glenlakes News
Glenlakes MGA & LGA Members Web-site - Click -  
The Glenlakes Foley AL website is provided free for the residents of the Glenlakes Development.    Any information from Lakeview Estates, The Villas, The Gardens and Carnoustie is welcome.    Just send me the information and I will try  put it on the site.
Most of the information is about Lakeview Estates since they were the main reason I started the site several years ago.   If any of the Developments in Glenlakes would like for their minutes, by-laws, etc put on the site just let me know. 
Information on the site is decided by Jerry DuBose the owner of the glenlakesfoleyal website.  It is not Lakeview Estates POA website but they do provide a lot of information.    At times I may put information that I feel is of interest.    As you can see I am the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary of the website.   It runs very smoothly!
I made very good grades in College but English nearly kept me from Graduating.    I repeated most of my English classes.  If you see spelling, grammar or other problems please let me know so I can correct them as soon as possible.
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