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GlenLakes County Road American Flags
Clubhouse Dr going west to Co Rd 20 to Foley Beach Express
Fairway Dr going west to Foley Beach Express

Started in January 2010

County Rd 12 from Fairway Dr to the Foley Beach Expressway (11 flags needed) and Co Rd 20 from Clubhouse Dr to Foley Beach Express (22 flags needed) is not Lakeview Estates property therefore they could not pay for flags.  I got approval from Jody Taylor (EMC Operations MGA/Lakeview Resident) to put American Flags on the way to the Foley Beach Express.  I got donations for the Flags, brackets and poles.

Since 2010 I have tried different things (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Madre Gras along with American Flag banners).  Due to me getting older now only put out the 33 American Flags.

If I buy good quality embroiled American Flags they fade from sun before they wear out.   I normally get the very inexpensive flags from the Navy Base Commissary in Pensacola from a retired Lakeview Resident.  Frank Johnson (The Gardens President) helps me put together the Flags, put them out and take them down.  The Commissary flags are Valley Forge Flags, 3' X 5' polycotton made in the USA and only cost $6.99 or $7.99 each with no tax.  We have to add two additional grommets per flag to attach them to the design that I use with plastic ties.   I need several new brackets that are broken, more grommets,  plastic ties and 33 flags. 

County Rd 12 & 20 -- 2017 Flag / Decoration Schedule

President’s Day (Columbus)

February 20th

Memorial Day
May 29th - May 29th
Flag Day
June 13th - June 14th
4th of July
July 3rd - July 5th

Labor Day


Patriots’s Day
September 9th - September 12th
Veterans’s Day
November 10th - November 12th
November 23rd - November 25th