Lakeview Estates Architectural Review Committee

“ARC” Form



Lot Number ________  Owner’s Name _____________________________________________________________________

Street Address:  _______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone number:  (______) _________- _________________

Name of Company / person doing improvements ______________________________________________________________

Type of improvement : __________________________________________________________________________________


Location of improvement from original ______________________________________________________________________

Change of improvement from original _______________________________________________________________________


Does the improvement conform to the harmony of exterior design and neighboring sites? ____________________

Please submit two diagrams of changes being made along with ARC forms.

Date plans and specifications submitted:  _____________________________________________

The undersigned agree to comply with all restrictions and covenants and be liable for any damage to Glenlakes and Lake View Estates property and other parties’ properties.  The undersigned agree to complete the improvements according to the plans submitted and signed.  Any exceptions to the plan or above information must be submitted to the Lakeview Estates ARC.



____________________________________________                ____________________________________________

        Signature of Owner                                                                     Signature of Builder

        Date:  ____________________                                                  Date:  ________________


*Two copies required of Diagrams & ARC forms, one for ARC files and second copy to be returned to owner with formal approval.

If you have any questions please call any board member.