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Lake View Estates Property Owners Association

July 10, 2017


Board Members:  Dick Dayton, Rick Southworth, Kathy Menk, Lauren Little, and Gerald Vanderpoorten Residents Present:  Dan Gormley, Fred Blake, Sylvia Womack, Ken Haynes, Pat Sullivan, Ba Porterfield, Mitzi Alemond, Jerry DuBose, Dale Sharp, Billy Evans, Ted Drozd, Ron Morgan, Andy Furr, and Ann Bacher

Invocation by Dick Dayton started the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

BCSS Update  Presented by Dan Gormley: There will be a hearing on July 18, unless BCSS files for a dismissal. A status conference between attorneys is set for July 26 in chamber. A judge will listen to the BCSS class action suit pretrial on 9/26/17.  For the month of June there were no additional legal fees.  The current balanced in our legal fund is $3,914.39. No monies are owed at this time.

ARC Report Presented by Gerald Vanderpoorten:  There were 11 requests, which consist of :


New Roof


Change 2 outside doors. Metal to Fiberglass


Replace glass in front door and repaint front door from dark green to brown.

Repair stucco on front of house and repaint same color

Replace wood dock boards to composite type gray or tan color

Remove fencing in back yard

Landscape clean-up

Add 6 can lights in soffit around garage


Adding shingled roof over rear patio.   Same style and color


Repaint front door red.


Repaint front door to complimentary color of brick.  Sun Baked Earth color

REMEMBER: If you make a change to your home without approval and it is not acceptable to the ARC Committee, you will be asked to make approved changes. This includes tinting or painting driveways, roofing, concreting and other projects.

 Please get approval from the ARC Committee before you make any changes to your property, even if it is just a replacement of a current item.

 Drive By Update Presented by Rick Southworth and Fred Blake:  There are five outstanding gripes, lawns not being kept up with mowing, trash and clippings being dumped on vacant lots, and dead tree still to be removed.  While discussing clippings being dumped on vacant lots, a resident brought up the fact that there’s an illegal “No Dumping” sign on vacant lot B228. Jerry Dubose stated that he had made the sign at the request of the man cutting the lot.  It was discussed that the City of Foley’s scheduled pick up of debris each Thursday has been delayed because of broken down trucks.  Suggestion was made that the City of Foley be called to request action as debris seems to be piling up community wide.

Lake Report presented by Dick Dayton for Harold Crosby:  A trout line was found, and removed.  Trout lines are strictly against the rules of LVE.  Popcorn tree poisoning will start as soon as the weather permits.  Please return all fish over 14 inches to the lake as they are brood fish. New signs have been posted at the Pavilion and the dock.

Beautification Committee Update   presented by Sylvia Womack and Fred Blake. With the severe rains it was reported that some of the new plantings suffered root rot and had to be replaced.  There was also quite a bit of washed away mulch, which also had to be replaced.  $247.00 was spent replacing these items.  The lighting and sprinkler system is complete at the Lake View Estates sign on Highway 20 and Fairway. It was noted how good it looks, and what a commendable job the Beautification Committee did on this project.

Welcoming Committee Report  -  Ann Bacher. 

There were five new residents welcomed into the neighborhood:

9153 Clubhouse Dr

9163 Clubhouse Dr

9530 Fairway Dr

9238 Lakeview Dr

9386 Lakeview Dr



Lake Sedimentation Committee Update   Sincere concerns regarding run off from Craft Farms & surrounding lands filling up the lake with sediment. The committee consisting of Dan Barberi, Ted Drozd, Mitzi Alemond and Ken Haynes has been formed to address this concern with the City of Foley. They will meet with Leslie Gahagen, Environmental Engineer for the City of Foley, to discuss possible solutions to remedy this problem.

Fortified Homes (Off Agenda)  presented by Dick Dayton.  Most houses in our community will qualify for the Fortified Homes Program. To get started there is a $75 fee to see if one qualifies for the program.  After approval, bids must be acquired from three contactors.  These estimates must be turned into the program.  The program is funded by the Insurance Institute, not tax dollars. An administrator with the program signs off on the job.  Total out of pocket expense to qualify for up to $10,000 is $300. Our neighborhood has over 350 homes, which may qualify.  The program will expand to state level soon so it is imperative that the homeowner gets on the que if he is interested.

Glen Lakes Master Association  presented by Ron Morgan and Ann Bacher. The Alabama BAR Association was notified regarding the problem of some properties being stated, incorrectly, that they are members of the Glen Lakes Master Association.  The BAR Association declined any assistance.  It was noted that the Glen Lakes Master Association, which is erroneously noted on some deeds owns the Lake Muriel dam, which is not insured, and may incur a huge expense should the dam break. Dick Dayton will pen a letter to all residences as it is imperative that this error be removed from their deeds by their individual closing attorneys.  The letter will instruct all home owners where to look for the term “Glen Lakes Master Association”, and will include a sample letter to the individual’s closing attorney to have the deed corrected and relieving the resident of the financial responsibility of maintenance and repairing the dam. Dick Dayton has agreed to be the test case and will send the letter to his attorney to see how the process works. Every deed has the attorney’s name & address. If he does not respond, a complaint should be made to the Alabama BAR Association.

Pickle Ball at Pavilion Park  presented by Jerry DuBose. If the tables are temporarily removed from the pavilion, the size would be perfect for a practice Pickle Ball Court.   A brief tutorial on Pickle Ball was given, and presentation of a practice Pickle Ball back board was given in hopes of approval of the Pickle Ball court addition under the roof of the lake pavilion.  The Board will meet to determine if the practice Pickle Ball court will be allowed.

 Glenlakes Contact List - Ann Bacher will be taking over the Glenlakes Contact list from Jerry Dubose as of July 1, 2017 and will send an electronic updated list to all residents. Please notify Ann if there are any changes in your email or phone number.

 Approval of June Minutes - request by Dick Dayton, motion seconded by Rick Southworth.

 Financial Report  - presented by Kathy Menk. 

Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved. See below.

Meeting Adjourned:   10:30



Lake View Estates Property Owners Association

June 12, 2017


Board Members:  Dick Dayton, Rick Southworth, Kathy Menk, Lauren Little, and Gerald Vanderpoorten Residents Present:  Dan Barberi, Harold Crosby, Carolyn Crosby, Judy Dayton, Chuck Tindell, Fred Blake, Sylvia Womack, Ron Morgan, Ken Haynes, Pat Sullivan, Andy Furr and Ann Bacher.

 POA Board Meeting

Dick Dayton called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. with an invocation.

 BCSS - Dan Gormley

I talked with our attorney on Sunday, June 11, about the hearing scheduled for Tues, June 13. He told me that BCSS has not filed a Motion for Summary Judgement. Therefore, the hearing with Judge Norton has been cancelled. The attorney informed me there will be no court action until the BCSS attorney files a Motion for Summary Judgement.

The attorney’s office has not provided me with the invoice for legal expenses in May and the Trust Account balance sheet. I will contact the attorney today and ask for these documents.

 ARC Report - Gerald Vanderpoorten

There were 13 requests.



Replaced roof same style and color


Repainting shutter and door same color


Restain driveway and sidewalk same color


Add a 20' flagpole to front yard with an American Flag


Replace garage door with same style and color as old one


Replace  a front door sidelight and replace 5 windows same color and design


Add a cedar constructed pavilion on patio / 12 x 14 x 8


Restain driveway and sidewalk same color


Install new concrete patio and 2 sidewalks


Build white vinyl enclosure for garbage cans


Add 20' flagpole to front yard with American Flag


Install shutters on front windows and install SunSetter awning inside pool lanai

REMEMBER: If you make a change to your home without approval and it is not acceptable to the ARC Committee, you will be asked to make approved changes. This includes tinting or painting driveways, roofing, concreting and other projects.

 Please get approval from the ARC Committee before you make any changes to your property, even if it is just a replacement of a current item.

 Drive By – Rick Southworth

Rick suggested sending an email to all residents so that when they are called for violations, they will not be surprised and more receptive. It includes mention of the most frequent violations as a reminder. After discussion, it was decided that the letter will be on hold for now. If a resident is violating a covenant, he  should expect a call to correct the issue.

 Lake Report – Dick Dayton for Harold Crosby (late arrival)

Fishing license issue - system of using Drivers’ license as a permit has worked this far, and it was suggested that the drivers license system to stay in place.

Harold Crosby arrived and spoke regarding fishing, non-resident guests fishing and often time fishermen taking the bigger fish.  It was suggested to limit guests to be in the same boat as the resident. Mr. Crosby suggested a picture be taken of the fish (if over 14 inches) and have a contest annually. The problem was stated that too many big fish are being taken.  There was a suggestion by a resident for a new sign stating that the fish should not be taken if over 14 inches.  A resident asked a question if a fine was levied if a larger fish was taken.  The answer was, “No”. Several residents shared stories of seeing people fishing and taking fish.  Kathy Menk suggested that a sign should be placed where the people are launching their boats. Dick Dayton stated that this issue will always be a problem because of apathy, but it is up to the residents to be vigilant to enforce the rules.  Dick Dayton also stated that Lake View Villas now have permission to use the lake, but there are still other residents not entitled to use the lake, stating that we may not be able to win this issue, but we can control it.  He will look into the wording of new signs to include the 14 inch limit and the inclusion of the Lake View Villa residents. Harold Crosby suggested some sort of device or mention on the sign showing 14 inches.

The issue of sediment in the lake was discussed and Sylvia Warnock stated that she was pursuing a grant that would fund a permanent fix for the problem. She will report to the Board when she has more information from Marvin Cook who is checking the Wolf Bay Watershed.

Dan Barberi offered to contact the City of Foley to see if they will investigate the problem.

Lauren suggested partnering with the school system to make Lake Murial a project. Sylvia suggested a call to Leslie Gahagin at Graham Creek Park for ideas. She is President of the Wolf Bay Watershed.

Ron Morgan suggested that to increase interest in the lake, a boat launch might be successful. Dick Dayton stated that funding is not available for a large project in this year’s budget.

 Beautification Committee Update - Sylvia Womack

$4000 was spent on the following: Pride of Mobile azaleas and other flowers were planted at an investment of $362, D&M Tree Service removed tree limbs for $475, the deck at the Pavilion was painted for $233, “The Villas” was added to signage at the lake for $20, LED lights were added by Osbourn Electric on the Co Rd 20 / Fairway Dr entrance for $586, Newberry’s added a sprinkler system for $2100 and Cotton seed fertilizer for $49. The balance in the budget is $4109.56.

 Welcoming Committee Report – Ann Bacher

There were 3 new residents contacted this month:

9095 Lakeview Drive

9845 Fairway Dr

22815 Co Rd 12

 Lake View Gardens

Dick Dayton stated that there has been no communication.  The buyers, WCMC, have not started construction, and have not responded to any communication from Lake View POA.  They have picked up communication mailed to them, but there has been no response. The developer decided not to build because the area is overbuilt. City Councilman,Wayne Trawick will notify us if another developer agrees to build on the property. He will encourage them to use our covenants.

2018 Annual Meeting Update / Discussion – Dick Dayton

The date of the Annual Meeting is determined in the covenants, but the time is optional. Would an afternoon meeting be preferred by more residents on the first Monday of May? We are looking to keep the attendance around 200 as in the last 2 Annual Meetings.

 Speed Limit Signs

A resident was concerned that with the installation of speed limit signs, there is the possibility of residents having signs placed in their front yards, within the right of way for the City of Foley.  This same resident suggested that if speed limit signs are installed, they should be installed on to the street light posts.

Dan Barberi contacted Chad Christian, the City Engineer to check for speeding in the neighborhood by temporarily installing the speed-clocking electric sign. The sign also records the vehicle via video.

 Guest Speaker:

Fortified Home Program – Graham Green & Julie

The program pays $10,000 for roof replacement in order for the insurance companies to save money by preventing water damage to the ceilings, walls and floors of the home. Strengthen Alabama is the website for the program. More information is available on that site. It is important to contact them as soon as possible to get on the list for the repair. Income is not a consideration. It should also result in a decrease in home insurance policies.

 Approval of May Minutes - May Minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report – The May Financial Report was approved. See attached

 Meeting Adjourned -  11:35 AM

 Next Board Meeting :  July 10, 2017 @ 9 AM