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Monday, September 11, 2017


Board Members:  Dick Dayton, Rick Southworth and Merlene DuBose

Residents Present:  Dan Gormley, Fred Blake, Sylvia Womack, Pat Sullivan, Shelby Kettle,  Ann Bacher, Frank Rikard, Andy Furr, Davey Jones, Harold Crosby and Ba Porterfield.

Invocation by Dick Dayton started the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

BCSS Update   Presented by Dan Gormley, Representative for LVE POA on the Glenlakes Sewer Committee:  Our attorney filed the Motion to Certify the Class Action lawsuit to the Baldwin County Circuit Court on August 14.  The court has set September 19 as the hearing date.  For this hearing our attorney has requested the parties listed on the Class Action lawsuit (Dan Gormley, Dick Dayton, Janet Maxwell, Larry Morgan, Mike Willis and Dave Vosloh) and the Presidents of the five Glenlakes POAs should attend this hearing.  The Court opens at 9:00 a.m. and our case will be called by Judge Norton sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  All participants for the Class Action lawsuit have been informed of the request to be present at this hearing.


The BCSS attorney has yet to file a motion for dismissal on the lawsuit by the Glenlakes POAs and Golf Club.  There can be no legal action (hearing) until BCSS does file their Motion.

There is $3,644.19 remaining in the Trust Account to cover some future legal fees.  Our attorney charges $100 per hour for his legal fees on our litigations against BCSS.

ARC Report

Presented by Davey Jones, Acting ARC Chairman:  

Lot B155 – 9410 Clubhouse Drive – New high wind resistant windows approved

Lot B83 – 9095 Lakeview Drive – Removal of pine tree approved due to hazard to property

Lot B154 – 9420 Clubhouse Drive – New high wind resistant windows approved

Lot B239 – 22410 Wedgewood Drive – Approved replacement of front door – same color as original

Lot B98 – 9107 Clubhouse Drive – Approved extensive landscaping changes – Possible custom built pergola will be presented later to the ARC for approval

Lot A18 – 9238 Lakeview Drive – Approved update and replacement of seawall as required and pier replacement with new wood but replace same size as original.  Approved new drain to be added to current swell to facilitate lot drainage

Lot B164 – 9250 Clubhouse Drive – Approved new wind resistant windows and AC

Lot B37 – 22355 County Road 12 – Approved extending driveway and patio front porch

Lot B2 – 9015 Fairway Drive – Approved new roof – same color as original

Lot B280 – 22535 Wedgewood Drive – Approved removal of large tree which presents hazard to house

Two new DR Horton homes have been approved – plans and specs provided

Jones resigned from his position since he has recently sold his house and will be moving outside the development.  Board expressed their appreciation for the work Jones has done and for his willingness to volunteer when an ARC chairman was needed.  Dayton requested everyone consider who may replace Jones on this committee.

REMEMBER:  If you make a change to your home without approval and it is not acceptable to the ARC Committee, you will be asked to make approved changes.  This includes tinting or painting driveways, roofing, concreting and other projects.

Please get approval from the ARC Committee before you make any changes to your property, even if it is just a replacement of a current item.

Dayton commented on the status of the Fortified Homes Program – currently not taking additional applications – process is long and may take as much as 7 to 8 months – patience is required.  No word on when applications will again be accepted.

Drive By Update Presented by Rick Southworth and Fred Blake:

Lot B25 – 9230 Fairway – constant issues with trailers, trash, etc.  Southworth will follow up

Concerns expressed about the deteriating maintenance of golf course property throughout the development.   Of particular concern is the ditch where grass is actually growing into the streets.  Golf course priority is and will be the playing areas. 

Lots A38 and B220 have been cut after notices were sent but grass cuttings also present an issue

Southworth will contact the City of Foley about making a law that states no overnight parking on the streets in Glenlakes development.

Lot B51 – 22625 County Road 12 – grass cutting is and has been an issue – Southworth will provide information to send violation letter

A list of the scheduled grass cuttings which are being done by POA contractor will be provided to the board

Issue with trailers on lots – the by-laws do not allow for three days for trailers to be parked on lots

Lake Report presented by Harold Crosby:

Consideration should be given to using rip rap versus bulkhead for erosion prevention – better for the lake but not necessarily as effective

After evaluating the island in Lake Muriel, Crosby stated the growth was much worse than originally thought – invasive plants include popcorn trees, elephant ears, privet and Chinese tallow.  Consider using native grasses on island once some clearing has been done.  Popcorn tree on Lot A27 needs to be killed due to its size. 

Concern about the waste left by ducks and geese on the Lake.  Various scare tactics such as fireworks and pop guns will be used to encourage some wildlife to relocate.

Beautification Committee Update presented by Sylvia Womack and Fred Blake.   Fall plants will be planted within the next few weeks and roses will be trimmed.  Current contractor is doing a very good job.  No funds have been expended since the last meeting.  Weeks Bay is having a sale on native Alabama plants October 12 – 14.  Master gardeners will be available for consultation. 

Welcoming Committee Report – Ann Bacher

There were 3 new residents but have not been contacted at this time.

Elliott Homes – Dayton

New development, Lake View Gardens, will be a part of the LVE POA - 94 home sites involved.  Elliott also has another development planned in Carnoustie Place which entails about 261 lots bringing the total development to about 355 lots.  The City of Foley has imposed very stringent drainage requirements on the new development.  Lake View Gardens homes which connect to Lake View Estates lots will be the same width – other lots in Lake View Gardens will be smaller.  LVE POA will not be involved in the actual approval of the home construction – that requirement was waived by the prior board.  At time of transfer of ownership, the individual homes will come under the purview of the LVE POA.   Dayton sent a letter to Elliott Homes confirming that any fencing in the development MUST have approval from the LVE POA.  Pricing tiers begin with about 1600 SF @ about $238,000 up to $500,000.  Elliott Homes was enthusiastic about the Welcoming Committee of the LVE POA.  Web site for Elliott Homes is

In the Carnoustie phase of this development there are 10 lots in Carnoustie Place that will connect to the Elliot Homes lots.  The current plans call for only 65 foot lots in this phase.  Carnoustie Place POA has requested that LVE POA support their position that the connecting lots should have the same width.  Board approved.  Dayton will attend the meeting on September 20 at 5:30 p.m. and speak on behalf of the Carnoustie position.

There will be 2 entrances to Lake View Gardens which will require consistent signage – builder will be approached to provide these signs.  Upkeep of these areas will fall to the LVE POA as well as the common areas in the development.  Consideration of these expenditures will be taken into consideration in the next year’s budget.

August minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s ReportThe August Financial Report was approved and a copy is attached.  Lien letters have been sent to home owners with 90 day delinquency to be followed up within one week with liens being filed.

Additional Storage Shed

Consideration for either getting a larger shed or buying an additional shed for the storage of files – ones held by the president, ARC chairman and secretary with a minimum of 4 to 5 boxes.  Southworth will research pricing and placement.

Meeting Adjourned – 11:15 AM

Next Board Meeting:  October 9, 2017 @ 9 AM


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