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Monday, October 9, 2017


Board Members:  Dick Dayton, Kathy Menk and Merlene DuBose

Residents Present:  Dan Gormley, Fred Blake, Sylvia Womack, Shelby Kettle,  Ann Bacher,  Pat Sullivan, Harold Crosby, Ron Morgan, Sonya Mortimer, Dale Sharp, Jerry DuBose and Melanie Deters.

Invocation by Dick Dayton started the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

New ARC Members – New ARC members Jerry DuBose, Dale Sharp, Sonya Mortimer and Melanie Deters were administered the oath of office.

BCSS Update   Presented by Dan Gormley, Chairman for Glenlakes Sewer Committee:  At the hearing coming up on October 17, Judge Norton will make a ruling on the Certification of the Class Action lawsuit on the Baldwin County Sewer Service.  For this hearing our attorney has requested that only a few people from Glenlakes attend the hearing.  The attorneys will present their briefs on this lawsuit.  There will be no witnesses called before the bench to testify at this hearing.  The Judge is expected to rule in favor of the Certification and set a trial date for this lawsuit.  The Court opens at 9:00 a.m. and participants for the Class Action lawsuit have been informed of the attorney’s recommended attendance for this hearing.

The BCSS attorney has filed a Motion asking for dismissal on the lawsuit by the Glenlakes POAs and Golf Club.  Judge Norton will hear arguments by our attorney and the BCSS attorney at this October 17 hearing before passing his judgement on this lawsuit.  What will happen?  Only the Judge knows for certain.

We have about $3,000 remaining in the Trust Account to cover some future legal fees.  Our attorney continues to charge $100 per hour for his legal fees on our litigations against BCSS.

ARC Report

Presented by Jerry DuBose, Acting ARC Chairman:  


A-16 & A-17


New roof same color




Replace windows




Dumpster out front




Replace front door, paint shutters (all black)




Replace lights painted black around home




New Seamless gutters same color as soffit

REMEMBER:  If you make a change to your home without approval and it is not acceptable to the ARC Committee, you will be asked to make approved changes.  This includes tinting or painting driveways, roofing, concreting and other projects.


Please get approval from the ARC Committee before you make any changes to your property, even if it is just a replacement of a current item.

Drive By Update Presented by Fred Blake:

B-75 continues to be an issue with the structure being erected in the back yard – to date no approval for construction has been given to the resident – J. DuBose and Sharp will visit in person, make pictures of the structure and provide to ARC for their consideration.  Also at issue was complaint received regarding flea infested cats and possible multiple families living at the same residence

Lake Report presented by Harold Crosby:

Fish for lake have been ordered – 50 grass carp plus bream and perch –

Chemicals have been ordered for invasive species of plants – cost was ½ of what had been used previously.  Game warden suggested that only recourse for geese is to harass until they leave but whistling ducks are protected and cannot be harassed.  Dead tree has blown down and fallen into the lake – Crosby will follow up

Beautification Committee Update presented by Sylvia Womack and Fred Blake.   Due to time of year, no new plants have been installed but common areas are being well maintained and kept neat.  Contractor is doing an excellent job of maintaining the common areas.  Compliments to Womack and Blake for their accomplishments during the past year.  Budget

Lake View Gardens entranceways at Wedgewood and near firehouse will be done by the new developer Elliott Homes and will be equal to or better than the current entranceways.   Developer plans to build out the 94 lots within 2 years.  Elliott average cost to build is $148 per sq ft.  POA becomes involved only after the deed has been transferred to the new owner – POA has no responsibility until that time.  Some question as to who will cut the common areas until such time as development is completed and if these homes will fall under the traditional “garden” home or if each owner will be responsible for their property maintenance.

Welcoming Committee Report – Ann Bacher

Visited 4 homes during the month:

9127 Clubhouse Drive

9050 Caddie Circle

22520 Wedgewood Drive

9372 Lakeview Drive

Morgan and DuBose will coordinate to assure that the latest changes have been incorporated into the covenants and that the new ARC members and board members are provided copies.

Boxes  Continue to try to find a common area to store the additional boxes that President, Treasurer, Secretary, ARC chairman.  Southworth working.

Warranty Deed – A resident has requested that legal proof be provided that Lake View Estates is not part of the Master Association – research has been done for the second time – when Master Plan was developed, it stated that to be included in that plan, the specific development such as Carnoustie Place (or Glenlakes Phase #1) must be individually identified as a part thereof.  Lake View Estates has never been named as a part of that plan.   Morgan volunteered to field any questions from residents regarding correcting warranty deeds.  Morgan further stated that there are actually two issues – 1.  Correcting errors made on warranty deeds and 2. Whether the entire development should be under one umbrella.  Lake View Gardens deeds should not include reference to the Master Plan.  Dayton will send a letter to Elliott Homes stating same.  Morgan will research to make sure Master Plan is not included in the deed of the property sale to Elliott. 


ReBilling of Lawn Services - Some question as to billing of Lawn Services performed by POA contractor – Menk will verify that owners are being billed for services performed by the POA contractor

Garage Sale – Signs for the garage sale to be held on the 28th of October will be put out on October 22, 2017 – Dayton will meet DuBose to retrieve the signs from the shed.  Womack will contact Big Fish Ministries to pick up any excess sale items after 2 on the 28th of October – Linda Hewitt and J. DuBose will post notification of the garage sale to all residents via email 

September minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s ReportThe September Financial Report was approved and a copy is attached.  9015 Fairway owners are having an estate sale on October 14, 2017.  Lien will be filed on lot B86 and Lien for B184 has been extended.

Meeting Adjourned – 10:30 AM

Next Board Meeting:  November 13, 2017 @ 9 AM

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