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Lakeview Estates Property Owner’s Association
Monday,  January 14, 2019

Officers: Rick Southworth, Frank Rikard & Kathy Menk. Ann  Bacher Acting Secretary. 
 Other Attendees:  Sylvia Womack, Abby Sikes, Pat Sullivan, Ron Morgan, Dan Gormley, Paul Neenan, Ted Drozd, Harold Crosby, Joann Cox, Fred Blake.
 Meeting started at 9:00 am

Beautification Report: Presented by Sylvia Womack
 Sylvia wishes to thank all those who helped decorate the entrances for Christmas. After Christmas new wreaths and lights were bought on clearance since the wreaths we have been using were 7 years old and falling apart. Also, a thank you to  all dog owners for adhering to the rules for not  disposing dog feces at the pavilion park garbage cans. It is much appreciated.
BCSS Update:  Presented by Dan Gormley,
 The six participants of the Class Action lawsuit have provided our attorneys with copies or the emails, notes taken all monthly, Sewer Committee and Board meetings and all communication related to BCSS and the 1991 Sewer Agreement. We have completed the requirements of the Discovery Order by Judge Norton and answered the interrogatories from the BCSS Attorney.   This “Discovery” action relates to the certification of the Class Action lawsuit. Our attorneys have sufficient information concerning the Class Action participants and will provide such to the judge.   The next action in this lawsuit will be the Deposition portion of the pretrial information gathering by BCSS and our attorneys. As of today, I have no information on whom BCSS will select or when and where the depositions will be held.  The Interrogatories and Depositions must be completed by February 1 and February 14, 2019 respectively. The Discovery information must be presented to Judge Norton at the hearing on February 28, 2019. The judge will then make a decision on certification of the Class Action lawsuit at the hearing scheduled for March 7, 2019.
Covenant Review: Presented by Ron Morgan
There will be another meeting at the end of the month to complete the review of the Covenants & Bylaws.
Discussion of possibility of paying BOD positions-See Covenants & Bylaws
 Many residents do not have emails. Ann Bacher has identified a large number of such residents and will be mailing out notices as needed to these residents.

Lake Report: Presented by Harold Crosby
 60 catfish were put into lake. Fishing is good. We are still having problems with trespassers.

Welcome Committee Report:  Presented by Ann Bacher
 Lot B19          Charles & Martha Catchings         9350 Fairway Dr.
 Lot B218        Rodney & Joann Lueders                          9349 Lakeview Dr.
Lot B207        David & Tracy Curtiss                     9305 Lakeview Dr.
 Lot B102        Jack & Nancy Barber                      9123 Clubhouse Dr.

Pot Luck Social/Dinners: Second Tuesday of the Month at the GlenLakes Clubhouse (next one February 12, 2019). Come out and meet and socialize with your neighbors. 5:30 social followed by food at 6:00.

New Business:
ARC Report:  Submitted by Frank Rikard, ARC Chairman
Listed below are the approvals for the month of November 2018:
 1. Lot 39-A: Remove rotten deck & replace with 16’ x 20’ concrete patio.
2. Lot 20-B: Replace roofing shingles with same color shingles by APEX.
3. Lot 54-B: Approve Wysper dish antenna on west rear of roof.
4. Lot 58A: Repair cracks in stucco and repaint front of home with the same color.
5. Lot 98-B Approved repainting of front door with a different color.
6. Lot 18-A Repainting with the same color the front door, side lites & door trim.
7. Lot 161-B Repainting front door, shutters and garage doors with same color.

Listed below are the ARC Approvals to date for December 2018:
 1. Lot 218-B; Approved black aluminum fence for back yard.
2. Lot 218-B; Approved replacement of windows, front door & adding a storm door.
3. Lot 40-A; Approved roofing shingles replacement.
4. Lot 7-A; Approved sealing & painting of driveway.
5. Lot 60-A; Approved roofing shingles replacement.
6. Lot 37-B; Approved roofing shingles replacement.
7. Lot 202-B; Approved black aluminum fence for back yard.
8. Lot 288-B; Approved roofing shingles replacement.
9. Lot 47-B; Approved roofing shingles replacement.
10. Lot 217-B; Approved roofing shingles replacement.

REMINDER: Please get approval from the ARC Committee before you make any changes to your property, even if it is just a replacement of a current item.
 REMEMBER: If you make a change to your home without approval and it is not acceptable to the ARC Committee, you will be asked to make approved changes. This includes tinting or painting driveways, roofing, concreting and other projects.  Please note that all mailbox posts must be painted black.
Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Kathy Menk
 The lien on lot B184 will be renewed in March.
A special board meeting will be held on Monday, March 4th at 9:00am in the clubhouse to discuss the budget for 2019-2020. All committees that have a line item in the budget are asked to submit their budget proposal to Kathy Menk before that date.

Treasurer’s report for November and December 2018 is attached.

Treasurer Report 11 DECEMBER 2018 (1)

Treasurer Report 11 NOVEMBER 2018 (1)
Approval of Minutes:
 November minutes were approved as written.
Next Board Meeting Scheduled for February 11, 2019 at 9:00am at the GlenLakes Clubhouse.

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