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Remember OLD Bluebird houses?



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Remember OLD Bluebird houses?

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Summary of Covenants




This Summary is to be used as a reference only.

For more detail refer to the Covenants

The Covenants are the Controlling Document.


The following is a summary of some portions to the covenants for Lakeview Estates:








No improvements shall be made or allowed to remain with out the approval of the A.R.C.


Land Use and Building Type


Only single family residents are allowed on A, B, or C lots.


No building shall be erected on any lot prior to the erection of the dwelling.


Only appropriate outbuildings incidental to residential use which are compatible with the


main dwelling are permitted.


Building Location


No building shall be located nearer than 35 feet from the front road lot line or nearer than


10 feet to any side line.


No building shall be located nearer than 35 feet from the rear lot line on any B or C lots.


No building shall be located nearer than 100 feet from the water on any A lot.




All lots shall be landscaped in accordance with landscaping design submitted to and


approved by the A.R.C.


All landscaping must be completed with in ninety (90) day following the occupancy of the






The owner and lessee of any lot shall be responsible for keeping the premises, improvements


and landscaping in a well maintained, safe, clean and attractive condition at all times.


If in the opinion of the Association the owner or lesser is failing in this duty, written notice of


fact will be given to the owner of lessee by the Association. The owner or lessee will have ten


(10) days from the date of such notice to undertake the care and maintenance required.


Failure to do so will give the Association the right and power to have said care and


maintenance performed and the owner or lessee shall be liable for all cost incurred.





Garbage and Refuse Disposal



No lot shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste.


Garbage container storage must be in an area or manner, which makes the containers not


visible from the road, or from neighboring property.


Containers will only be displayed on the right of way on the assigned day for trash pickup.




No clotheslines or drying yards shall be permitted unless confined to the rear yard and


concealed by hedges, lattice work or screening acceptable to the A.R.C.


Yard Decorations


No statues or others forms of art shall be visible from any street unless written approval


is given by the A.R.C.




An television antenna, radio receiver, satellite dish or other device for receiving or


transmitting radio, television, or other signals shall be install outside with out written


approval of the A.R.C.


Exterior Materials


No foil or other reflective material shall be used on any windows.


No metal or vinyl siding shall be used on the exterior without prior approval of the A.R.C.


No cinder blocks shall be used for the exterior.




No sign or sighboard of any kind shall be displayed to the public view except that one


professionally lettered sign of not more than three square feet in size may be displayed


advertising the sale or rent.


Political signs 30 prior to Election Day




No more than two dogs and cats may be kept per resident.


All pets shall be under leash when walded or exercised with in teh Subdivision.








No man-made fence shall be erected without prior written approval of the A.R.C.


Black aluminum simulated wrought-iron or wrought-iron fences of 36 inches to 48 inches will be allowed with approval of the ARC for Lots A, Lots B or Lots C.


Privacy fences up to six feet in height may be erected around pools and patios.




Driveways shall be constructed either of concrete, asphalt or such other material which has


written approval of the A.R.C.


Swimming pools


No swimming pool shall be permitted unless prior written approval of the fence or enclosure


is obtained for the A.R.C.


Mail Boxes and Newspaper Boxes


Only mail boxes and newspaper boxes that have been approved by the A.R.Cl will be


allowed. (Black box and black post).




No truck larger than one (1) ton shall be stored or parked on any lot.


No recreational vehicle such as motor home, trailer, camper, boat, or any trailed vehicle


shall be stored or parked on any lot.


The only exception is while engaged in the transporting of merchandise or goods to or from a


residence or if stored in a closed garage.


All motorcycles and ATV’s must be approved as legal for street use and shall be limited to


the public street. At no time will off-road use of these vehicles be allowed in the Subdivision.


All vehicles must have mufflers installed that are in good working condition and must not


exceed 80 decibels measured ten (10) feet from the end of the exhaust pepe.



See Covenants for complete details