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Remember OLD Bluebird houses?



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GlenLakes Osprey Nest

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Remember OLD Bluebird houses?

Game Park Closed by Golf Course Board!

Feburary 2012 to December 15, 2017

Game Park
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Game Park Expenses 2015-16
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    Clubhouse Dr & County Rd 20 started makeover Jan. 2013
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GlenLakes “Game Park”
Randolph, Larry

Larry Randolph

A “SPECIAL” THANKS goes to Larry Randolph who worked from the beginning to establish the GlenLakes Game Park.  Without Larry working for hours and hours the Park would never have been built.

Larry retired as Vice-President on December 31, 2014 due to medical problems.  If you ever see Larry at a function please tell him “THANKS” for the Park!

When family, children, grandchildren and friends come to visit, if you are like me, after a while you sit around looking at each other.  We envisioned a Game Park with several activities for the entire Glenlakes development to enjoy, not just a community for golfers. 

In February, 2012, Mike McGuire (Textron Rep.), Chris Roberson (Touchstone-Regional Vic-Pres.), Tony Westervelt (Glenlakes Golf Course Mgr.) and William Dabney (Course Superintendent) approved the use the area located between the Swimming Pool and Lakeview Drive for a Game Park.  They felt it would provide an area for all the Glenlakes Community to enjoy. 

The Glenlakes “Game Park”  is for all the residents of The Gardens, The Villas, Carnoustie Place, Carnousite Gardens and Lakeview Estates and their Guest.

The Game Park is located behind the Glenlakes Golf Course Swimming Pool on Lakeview Drive.

Game Park Overview May 2014
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Rules for Game Park
Putt Putt Course
Corn Toss
Bocce Ball
For questions or comments about Game Park as of August 28, 2017 should be referred to:
Don Cook, President, GlenLakes Golf Club, INC
Phone number:  251-955-1359
E-mail address: