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Remember OLD Bluebird houses?

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November 11, 2015

FLAGS FOR VETERANS:  GlenLakes Golf Club is collecting flags to donate to Hughes Funeral Home in Daphne.  They have requested used/torn American flags to satisfy the demand of veterans who want to be buried/cremated with  a flag at their side.  The funeral home will even come pick them up after we reach a total of 10 so all you have to do is bring your used/torn flag to the Clubhouse and leave it in the box (inside the door to the left).

This is such a great program and such a good way for GlenLakes, and all of us, to give back to our REAL AMERICAN HEROES/HEROINES. 


April 3, 2015

Bruce Timperley has been working on the Blue Bird Houses for the last several months all around the Golf Course.  We built 272 houses about 6 years ago and they are really starting to fall apart.  Bruce took it on himself to start replacing the houses, adding roofs, new fronts , etc.  It takes a lot of time but he keeps working on them a little at a time..  Bruce is using the same lumber that you would make a wood fence out of.  The cost is a lot less than the cost of the Cedar that we used when we first built them.

Just wanted everyone to know that Bruce is the MAN!  When you see Bruce around the Golf Course make sure you tell him “Thanks”.

Timperley, Bruce

March 18, 2014

"On Monday at Activity Night at the Club, Merlene DuBose, playing at one of the two stud poker tables, scored a once in a lifetime achievement.  She did something that very, very few people have ever done and very few have ever witnessed.  At 7-card stud, with no wild cards, Merlene scored the top hand in poker--a ROYAL FLUSH.  For those of you who don't know the game of poker, a ROYAL FLUSH is the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit.  The odds of getting one is about the same as winning the lottery or by being eaten by a shark.  Luckily, our Merlene chose the middle ground on that one!  To make the night an even more interesting night, Jim Syphurs, playing at the same table, had a winning hand of 4 tens.  Luckily for Jim, he didn't get it at the same time that Merlene had her Royal Flush, otherwise, Jim might be working for Merlene now at Jim's Golf Carts Plus."

DuBose, Merlene

January 12, 2014

Check out the new Mardi Gras Banners at each of the entrance ways into Glenlakes. Jerry DuBose made 10 of them for the Lakeview Estates POA to go a each entrance way.  In the past he as made 10 American Banners, 10 Thanksgiving and 10 Christmas Banners for Lakeview Estates POA.. 

Jerry normally hangs the larger 24” X 48” Banners down both Co Rd 20 and Co Rd 12.  He has decided that the wind it causing too much damage along the Craft Farms grass farm area.  He will start putting the Banners on Co Rd 20 from Fairway Dr to Clubhouse Dr.

Frank Johnson (The Gardens) has volunteered to climb the ladder when they go up and down.  A special “Thank You” to Frank.

Madri Gras New

September 13, 2013

On September 7 & 8th, Fred Blake and Jerry DuBose worked up at Foley Beach Express and Co Rd 20 on the flower bed to the right.  Under the Glenlakes Bike Path sign was just dirt and weeds.  The new brick were installed and soil put in with Purple Liriope Evergree in back  and Aztec Liriope in front.  When you come from Hwy 59 down Co Rd 20 check it out.

A special “Thanks” to Fred for the help with the project.

New brick at Bike Path Sept 2013

May 1, 2013

John Hunter (Fariway Drive) had a trailer and he wanted to donate it to Glenlakes but I bought it for $100!!!!  Then John wanted to donate the $100 toward the Entranceway!  I told him I would not accept the $100 and now it is for use of all the residents on Glenlakes!  (When he bought the trailer it cost him over $700!!!)   All you need to do is call me at 251-978-3069 to borrow the trailer.  If you do not have a trailer hitch you can borrow my red truck.  Mort Mortimer had the Dutchman pick up his lawn mower and return it for $40.  With this trailer you can save the $40!!!    Just let me know if you need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trailor for Glenlakes

February 10, 2013

Sylvia Womack has resigned as Beautification Chairperson for the Lakeview Estates POA.  Sylvia had fought for the first three years to get a few dollars for the entrance-ways into Lakeview Estates  When a new Board came in Ed Solomon took over the duties of treasurer from West Beach Realty and other Board members starting doing the jobs that we were paying West Beach to do.  That freed up around $16,000 per year for improvements. 

Under her leadership she transformed the entrance-ways into something we all were very proud of. Under her leadership Lakeview Estates was the First Residential Community to be awarded the Foley Beautification Award!  The was back in 2010!!!!

Sylvia will still work with others but really needs a rest after 6 years. 

Thanks for the years Sylvia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Womack, Sylvia

January 30, 2013

Dan & Paula Morris were living in The Villas at Glenlakes for years.  They both volunteered to help with beautification and grounds projects at  The Villas.  They sold their Villa home and now reside in their new home in Carnoustie Gardens.

They are doing volunteer work at their Church and I talked them into helping around Glenlakes.  They worked about 6 hours putting a new coat of paint on “Dave” (the statue at the new “Game PARk”).  He is looking GREAT!!!

After they completed painting “Dave” they volunteered to help me make Madri Gras banners for Carnoustie Gardens.  Both Dan and Paula did most of the painting of the banners and after completing  Dan put them on the light poles.  If you get a chance go over into Carnoustie Gardens and check them out!

I think they did a great job!

Thanks again Paula and Dan for volunteering to help around Glenlakes.

Morrie, Paula

Morris, Dan

January 16, 2013

Jerry DuBose made a stand to hold the different putters for the Putt-Putt Course.  We have plenty of room for the children, juvenile and adult putters.  There is also a place for balls and pencils.  We have the outdoor “info box” to hold the score cards for the 9 hole (27 par) Putt-Putt Course.

We have putters cut off from 22 inches for children all the way up to 38 inches for adults.

If you get a chance go over to the “Game Park” and check it out!

Of course the course is FREE to use!!  (ha, ha, ha, ha)

Putter stand

January 4, 2013

We need some old putters for the new PUTT-PUTT Course at the Game Park.  If you would give me a call at 978-3069 I will come over and pick them up.  We will cut some of the putters off for children.  The PUTT-PUTTcourse should be laid out one day next week when the cups and flags come in.

Click here for more information:  Putt Putt Course

Overall Game Park

October 18, 2012

We will have the 31.5” Cowboy Grill/Firepit  in place for the Sunday, Game Park Wing BBQ at 4:00 pm.  The grill has a large surface for grilling.  It also has a hanger for a pot,  rotisserie and swing out warmer rack.  You can remove the grilling surface and racks to convert it BBQ to a fire pit.  You can us charcoal or logs to do the grilling. 

We will be putting it together on Saturday morning and should have it in place by 8:00 am.  If you get a chance come by and check it out.

cowboy grill 2

October 16, 2012

Dave & Karen Krosnicki who lives in “The Villas” part time has purchased a home on Lakeview Drive. 

They have their villa for sale and planning on moving into the new home in the next couple of months. The home had a white light in the front yard and a white fence out front.  Dave removed the white fence and is working on the front of the home’s yard.  They donated the light to the Game Park!  We are in the process if deciding where would be the best place to install the light.

Thanks Dave & Karen for the donation!

(PS.  If anyone has something they think would look good on the lot just let me know)

Park Light

October 14, 2012

On Saturday, Oct. 6th, Jerry DuBose did his “Mr. Jer Magic Show” for his two Grand-nieces!  Reagan (10) and Reece (4) had a joint birthday party at the Satsuma Baptist Church in Satsuma, AL.  Uncle Jer came out of retirement just to perform his act for the young girls in front of bout 50 adults and children.  Mr. Jer is the provider of the residents Glenlakes Foley website.  Of course he was “OUTSTANDING!!!”    (slow news day!!!)

Mr. Jerry

October 5, 2012

The fountain was sent off and finally re-installed in the Lake across from the Glenlakes Club House.  A special “Thanks” goes to Doug Harrall of Fairway Drive for being over the removal and re-installation of the Fountain.  It is a lot of work but Doug “Got ‘ur Done!”

We figure that someone must have taken the rope holding the fountain in place off.  The rope that was holding it out in the middle of the pond.  The rope was then sucked up into the fountain motor.  This caused the motor to freeze up.  The fountain company was nice enough to repair the fountain at no charge.

Thanks again Doug!

Harrall, Doug

July 20, 2012

Jerry DuBose and his brother Ricky spent about a week in Manhattan, New York.  The picture to the right was on one of the large screens at Times Square.  They had their picture displayed for everyone to see.  With their Southern Accents they took Manhattan, New York by storm.  It was a bonding trip for the two since they had seen each other only 3 times in the last 40 years.  They were able to stay with their sister Cecile and her husband Barr McClellan living on the upper East side of Manhattan.  Jerry had been there numerous times but this was a first for Ricky from Mobile

At home in Glenlakes,  Larry Randolph kept the Game Park grass cut and edged while the Park President DuBose was on vacation.  Thanks Larry!

DuBose Times Square

May 21, 2012

The new Bridge for Golfers was finally finished by Jerry DuBose.  About half way through the project Bruce Davis dove in and between Bruce and Jerry the bridge came out quite well.  When the Golf Club has tournaments and the golf carts are lined up the golfers do not have a way to the putting green or driving range if it has rained.  The Glenlakes Golf Club paid for the material and Jerry and Bruce did the work.

Picture 023

May 20, 2012

The unveiling of “Dave” occurred Sunday, May 20th at the new Glenlakes “Game Park”.  At right is the new sign and the statue of “Dave”.  When you get a chance go by and check him out and play something.  Everything is open   We have shuffleboard, corn toss, bocce ball and horseshoes games ready to be played.

In the picture is Jerry DuBose (President) and Larry Randolph (Vice-President) standing by Dave at the front of Lakeview Drive at the Park.

Larry and Jer

Ferbruary 2, 2011

The Gardens has some new Mardi Gras signs flying in their development.  I have some extra 3 mil. plastic sign material that is being used on the Co Rd 20 & 12 Project.  Frank Johnson living in The Gardens help me finish up on the Christmas Decorations.  Frank offered to help me build some of the smaller signs for The Gardens.  If you get a chance drive through and take a look.  If I don’t say so myself they came out quite nice!!

Thanks again FRANK for you help.


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