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GlenLakes and Leisure Lakes Residents
Complied by Mike Willis from information received November 2018
Phone:  251-955-2469
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                      E-Mail sent out to residents October 24, 2018:
Provider Survey
Glenlakes Residents,
We are doing another survey on our Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 
Please do a speed test to determine the speeds you are experiencing and send me the results.  Also let me know who your service provider is (Century Link, Wysper, Riviera) and what your promised speed is.  We will send everyone in Glenlakes a report on the speeds actually furnished by each ISP.
Please go to and run the test by pressing the "GO" button. There are ads absolutely everywhere on this site but in the middle please just press the "GO" button with a circle around it. 
Send the numbers for Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed to me at
Also, please tell me which Internet Service you have and the promised speed.
Additionally, please provide comments about the customer service you have received from your ISP - good or bad.  I will compile the results and forward them to Glenlakes and Leisure Lakes residents but I will not include your name
...and this time I will try to have fewer grammatical errors...
Mike Willis

Results of E-Mail sent out November 27, 2018:
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Internet Speed Testing Survey.  This time we included Leisure Lakes residents for a larger sampling.  We had 48 responses.
The three Internet Service Providers (ISPs) serving GlenLakes and Leisure Lakes offer different speeds.  They are typically denoted based on their download speed. We will list the services in the rankings below and denote them by their stated download speed. For example, Century Link offers both 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps service. Riviera offers both 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps service. Wysper offers 50 Mbps.

Download speed is important because it is how fast the data travels from websites to your computer. It is particularly critical in streaming the highest resolution (4K) videos and downloading large files. Higher is better. The ISPs ranked in order of fastest download speeds are:

1st:        Wysper                          49.8 Mbps
2nd:       Riviera 50                     47.7 Mbps
3rd:        Rivera 25                      38.4 Mbps
4th:        Century Link 20            16.5 Mbps
5th:        Century Link 10              8.6 Mbps

Upload speed is important as it is how fast your computer sends data to a website. For example, if you are uploading a video to YouTube, a fast upload speed can save you many hours. Higher is better. The ISPs ranked in order of reported fastest upload speeds are:

1st:        Wysper                             46.4 Mbps
2nd:       Riviera 50                        16.2 Mbps
 3rd:       Rivera 25                           4.6 Mbps
4th:        Century Link 20                 1.6 Mbps
5th:        Century Link 10                 0.7 Mbps
The ping is the most overlooked stat and yet to most users, it is the most important. It measures the time it takes for your local computer to talk to the remote website and then for the website to respond back to your local computer. Like all the other stats, it is affected by the speed of the remote website, but the ISP typically has much more impact on this number. It is measured in milliseconds. For a website to load on your computer it routinely takes 15 to 20 or even more exchanges between your computer and the remote website. So, even though each ping is just a few milliseconds, it really adds up. Fast ping times result in a website browsing experience that “feels” fast. Lower is better. The ISPs, rated in order of fastest ping times are:

1st:         Wysper                             10.4 ms
2nd:        Riviera 50                        15.2 ms
3rd:         Rivera 25                         15.8 ms
4th:         Century Link 20               49.2 ms
5th:         Century Link 10               53.8 ms
We also heard from two customers who use cellular ISP service.  Here are the numbers they reported:
AT&T:                              Download       8.63 Mbps,           Upload 2.68 Mbps
Verizon:      Ping 39,      Download       5.08 Mbps,           Upload 8.62 Mbps


Century Link: When better internet service arrived in Glenlakes, we switched immediately.  Quitting Century Link proved to be a difficult task.  I called Century Link and told them I wanted to discontinue our internet service but keep our phone service. I was transferred a few times and wound up with a horrible, pushy, irreverent rep named, "Desmond."   Desmond offered all kinds of options and promises and "upgrades" trying to talk me out of quitting Century Link internet.  This went on for 50 minutes!  At one point, I asked Desmond what city he was located in and he said, "Florida."  Refused to tell me where.  Finally, he agreed to discontinue my internet service and let us keep our phone service.  When we ended the call, he giggled.  I thought this was odd.  I found out why a few hours later when I discovered that we NO LONGER HAD TELEPHONE SERVICE.   It took two days for Century Link to restore our phone service.

Century Link:  Well, do I need to say anything about them?  We all know they are somewhere over in China, or outer space as far as I know; and they have horrible customer service.  This is a TRUE story:  Last time I called customer service about the internet/bill, a little kid answered the phone somewhere halfway across the world in Asia, and would ask my questions yelling to someone in the background, in Chinese, and then you could hear the (parent/adult) answering in Chinese and the kid would repeat it.  I was actually laughing to myself at the nerve of this company.  They really don’t care about their customers.

Riviera: Riviera sends a third party out to hook up the service, you pay for the cable and internet for the first month and then you drop the cable part.  Their third party person who arrive at my house was scary, acted like he had been on drugs and fortunately Riviera happened to call 10 minutes after he arrived and asked me how it was going.  I told them the details; and I think the prior customer had complained already.  A manager came out right away and was at my house in 10 minutes.  So, I would call that very good customer service.

 Wysper has very good customer service.  The only problem with them is that it just hasn’t delivered what was promised.  But they are very nice people and local, so they are easy to deal with.

Riviera: We are very pleased so far with all aspects of service from Riviera. What a difference as compared to CenturyLink! 

Century Link: My ISP is CenturyLink formerly Gulftel. I have had this ISP for 18 years beginning in 2000 in 2 separate locations, the 1st at Ft. Morgan Rd. in Gulf Shores and 2nd here in GlenLakes since 2013.  I’ve not had any “Major” issues in that time. I have encountered the usual “minor” issues over the years all of which have been ultimately resolved.  I would say that overall the service has increased in performance with the exception of the Customer Service/Technical/Internet area since Gulftel was acquired by CenturyLink.   I cannot recall ever asking or being told what the “Promised” ISP Speed was supposed to be; but, I do know it is worse at various times vs. what it “normally” is.

Century Link: The tech service has been OK. Nothing to brag about. Outages from time to time. Their promised speed has always been 10 Mbps. We do not use the use our system to play games. So the 10 Mbps speed has been adequate. Within the last week had Computing Solutions change the server I was using to Yahoo. Was having problems receiving e-mails on Outlook. I’m an old bird still using Windows 7, because never could handle the look of Windows 10. Maybe one day.

Century Link:  Century Link Is My ISP  but I don't know what they promised but it  just seems slow to me I am runny windows 10 PRO     also I run Windows XP Pro  on other PC's on those pc's i have programs that won't load and run.

Century Link & Riviera: We changed in Oct. from Century Link to Riviera. Our speed went from 7 mbps to 24mbps for basically the same price. We purchased the 10 mbps 6 years ago and have never gotten better than 9mbps. We recently purchased the 25mbps service and it stays on target.  I told my neighbor across the road and he changed two weeks ago purchasing the 50 mbps service. We are both very happy with the change.

AT&T & Century Link: Our current home internet service is provided through AT&T cellular.  Prior to AT&T, we had CenturyLink for $30 per month and it rarely run over 5.0 mbps.  They guaranteed 25 mbps for $45 per month and it never got to 10 mbps.   We would love to have reliable consistent service at a reasonable price.  Download can run between 4.0-72.0 mbps.   Prior to AT&T, we had CenturyLink for $30 per month and it rarely run over 5.0 mbps.  They guaranteed 25 mbps for $45 per month and it never got to 10 mbps. 

Century Link: No problems with Roku movies last night, DirecTv as I text, or anything else.

Century Link: We have Century Link ----promised  high speed - up to 20, but we have never gotten much over 10

Century Link:  Supposed to get 25 down and 5 up. With CenturyLink $45.00 per month forever Also provides Norton antivirus protection free.  Not really pleased as to some buffering. Use Hulu live for TV. 

Century Link: I have CenturyLink internet only.  Pay $45/month.  Always good service.  No issues.  Don't know the promised speed. Thanks.


50Mbps down,     25 Mbps up - $49.95 per month
25Mbps Download    3Mbps         Upload for $49.95 per month
25Mbps Download    3Mbps         Upload with WiFi for $53.95 per month
50Mbps Download    5Mbps         Upload for $59.95 per month
50Mbps Download    5Mbps        Upload with WiFi for $63.95 per month
* Modems or wireless gateways will be supplied with each package at no cost.
* A $10.00 bundled discount will apply to customers who subscribe to any video package.
10Mbps download - $45 per month
20Mbps download - $45 per month (where available)
Discounts for bundling with home telephone service

In the interests of transparency, we are including the raw data received along with the block of their street address (not the exact address, just the block).

Century Link 10 Mbps     PING       DOWN            UP
Leisure Lakes                   25.0             10.13              0.73
9400 Clubhouse Dr          30.0             10.13              0.78
Leisure Lakes                    31.0            10.40              0.60
23400 Dundee Circle       36.0               8.86              0.58
9200 Lakeview Dr.           39.0               9.57              0.69
Leisure Lakes                   39.0             10.15              0.73
23200 Dundee Circle       40.0               9.70              0.68
9500 Lakeview Dr.           40.0             10.04              0.70
9500 Villas Dr                   42.0               8.06              0.51
9500 Lakeview Dr            42.0               9.77              0.65
9400 Lakeview Dr.           43.0               9.44              0.70
22600 Inverness Way       43.0                7.90            0.75
23200 Dundee Circle       43.0             10.15             0.69
9090 Lakeview Dr.           44.0               7.64              0.45
9100 Clubhouse Dr.         49.0               9.51              0.76
9400 Fairway Dr.              50.0               9.23              0.26
23300 Carnoustie Dr      .51.0               9.98               0.72
9400 Villas Dr.                  53.0             10.00              0.73
9400 Lakeveiw Dr.           54.0               9.46              0.71
23200 Carnoustie Dr       54.0             10.10              0.70
23500 Carnoustie Dr.      56.0                2.72              0.73
23400 Dundee Circle       56.0               7.00              0.60
22700 Inverness Way       58.0             10.26              0.69
23500 Carnoustie Dr.       59.0               8.16              0.75
23400 Dundee Circle       66.0              3.92               0.57
9300 Clubhouse Dr.         66.0             10.27              0.95
9100 Clubhouse Dr.         69.0               8.16              0.71
22400 Inverness Way       77.0               8.63              2.68
23200 Dundee Cir            78.0              2.90               0.41
9400 Villas Dr                120 .0               5.92              0.25
23200 Carnoustie Dr.                             9.90              0.75
Leisure Lakes                 115.0               7.00              0.71

Average                53.8         8.60        0.72
Century Link 20 Mbps        PING              DOWN               UP
9100 Fairway Dr.                       41.0               24.40               1.90
23200 Carnoustie Drive           44.0                  9.96               0.73
9300 Lakeview Dr.                    46.0               16.20              1.90
22400 Wedgewood Dr.            51.0               24.95               1.84
22700 Wedgewood Dr            .52.0               13.70               1.79
Leisure Lakes                            61.0                 9.88               1.39

Average                     49.2         16.52         1.59

Riviera 25 Mbps                     PING               DOWN               UP
9700 Carnousite Ct.                 13.0                21.32               3.15
9400 Lakeview Dr.                    13.0               46.50               5.32
9200 Lakeview Dr.                    15.0              49.39                4.99
22400 County Rd 12 So           22.0               36.59               4.87

Average                     15.8         38.45         4.58

Riviera 50 Mbps                     PING               DOWN              UP
23300 Carnoustie Dr.               11.0               49.25                4.88
9600 Dornock Lane                  13.0               48.70                5.51
9200 Lakeview Dr                     15.0               46.00              45.00
23000 Carnoustie Dr.               30.0               48.00               4.90
9400 Lakeview Dr.                   13.0                45.38               4.85
23300 Carnoustie Dr.                 9.0               49.00              31.75

Average                     15.2         47.72       16.15

Wysper 50 Mbps                  PING                 DOWN              UP
9100 Pro Circle                           6.0               39.40              94.80
23300 Carnoustie Drive             9.0               49.00              31.75
9300 Clubhouse Dr.                    9.0               43.00             46.51
9600 Dornock Lane                  10.0               60.00             38.00
9200 Lakeview Dr.                    11.0               51.78             24.02
9200 Lakeview Dr.                    28.0               21.48             13.02
9400 Lakeview Dr.                      7.0               67.89             60.56
23300 Carnoustie Dr                  6.0               34.61             37.57
9200 Clubhouse Dr.                    8.0               81.42             72.12

Average                     10.4         49.84       46.48

Complied by Mike Willis from information received
Phone:  251-955-2469
Jerry DuBose just sent this out for Mike Willis.  Please Do not reply to email but send directly to Mike at