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Nest 2019

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Osprey Nest 2019

Arrived first week of February  2019
Workied on nest for first two weeks
Started “Making Babies” third week.
Waiting for eggs to be laid.
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2017 Osprey Nest - Results
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Osprey Flying 1

Ospray nest

Sign at Vista Six making babies

sign co rd 20 making babies

George & Gracie

GlenLakes Osprey Nest Videos for 2019



Click on YouTube Link

Feb 20th

First egg laid on February 20th -


Feb. 26th

Second egg laid on February 24th- George fertilizing third egg on Feb. 26th.  

Feb. 28th

Third egg laid on Feb. 28th.  George brings fish for Gracie.

March 7th

George bring large branch into nest with moss attached.  Then replaces Gracie on nest.

March 18th

George brings in fish to Gracie then sits on nest until she returns 19 minutes later.

Daily Videos of GlenLakes 2019 Babies growing up!
Date - 2019
Click: YouTube Link

April 2nd

1 day old

1st & 2nd baby born.  George brings fish to Gracie and she feeds the babies!BrOrZy2CfU

April 3rd

2 days old

George brings in food again and Gracie starts feeding while George watches

April 4th

3 days old

Third baby hatches and mom feeds all three

April 5th

4 days old

First feeding of all three babies in the morning at 6:36 am.  Took 16 minutes

April 6th

5 days old

At 6:05 pm Gracie brings in fish for the three babies

April 7th

6 days old

At 2:59 pm George bring fish and Gracie feeds babies George repairs nest.

April 8th

7 days old

Rain day Gracie feeds fish while George looks on up on perch.

April 9th

8 days old

George brings in large log for nest.  He and Gracie moves it into position.

April 10th

9 days old

George bring food to Gracie.  She feed the three babies that are 9 days old.

April 11th
10 days old
George brings fish and watches Gracie feed.  Good view of feeding.
April 12th
11 days old
Gracie feed two and one baby is left out.  Finally at end of tape it gets fish.
April 13th
12 days old
First meal of the day.  Babies are growing up fast.
April 14th
13 days old
Noon feeding.  Gracie having hard time getting fish from George.
April 15th
14 days old
Camera off line due to weather.........
none available

April 16th

15 days old

Back on-line.  Late feeding.  Babies growing.  Hard to stay under Gracie.

April 17th

16 days old

George brings in a very large Bass for Gracie to feed the hungry three babies!

April 18th

17 days old

Babies are starting to fight over food.  The strong will survive.  Plenty of food.

April 19th

18 days old

The babies are getting very large eat several times a day.

April 20th

19 days old

One of the two babies takes over and runs off the weaker baby.

April 21st

20 days old

We have some very mean babies!  Survival of the fittest on show.

April 22nd

21 days old

Routine feeding of babies.  Would love to know how their actual size.

April 23rd

22 days old

Early morning feeding.  Probably another 50 days before leaving the nest!

April 24th

23 days old

Getting very large.  All can’t hide under Gracie due to size!

April 25th

24 days old

The young are really fighting for food but plenty around.

April 26th

25 days old

Survival of the fittest is on show.  The larger ones are taking control.

April 27th

26 days old

The two babies eat first meal of the day.  Hope smaller one makes it.

April 28th

27 days old

One baby is not growing as fast as the other two.  Not starting to look to good!

April 29th

28 days old

George drops live fish and Gracie recovers it then feeds two of the babies

April 30th

29 days old

When fish brought one baby pecks back of another and it does not eat!  BAD!

May 1st

30 days old

Another case of fish being brought in and fist thing one baby pecks other!!

May 2nd

31 days old

After 10 minutes two are full third baby tries to eat! But nothings left!!!!!!!!!!!

May 3rd

32 days old

George brings in fish to eat before daylight.  Eats some and then feeds.

May 4th

33 days old

One baby getting weaker by the day due to the lack of food from pecks on back

May 5th

34 days old

WARNING!!!  Last day for one of the babies after being killed by another baby!

May 6th

35 days old

WARNING!!! One baby is dead while the other two enjoys some breakfast.

May 7th

36 days old

WARNING!!!  Baby slowly dissappears

May 8th

37 days old

Warning!!!  Some of third baby still remains in nest

May 9th

38 days old

Still a little of the dead baby in nest but very little

May 10th

39 days old

Mom Gracie feeds the two remaining babies that are growing up

May 11th

40 days old

Routine feeding

May 12th

41 days old

Storm hits GlenLakes and nest!  The nest had some damage but made it okay

May 13th

42 days old

At 2:43 am the babies practice flying using their wings.

May 14th

43 days old

The babies are exercising each day with their wings trying to fly.

May 15th

44 days old

George brings in fish and one baby gets it and starts to eat it.

May 16th

45 days old



May 17th

46 days old



May 18th

47 days old



May 19th

48 days old



May 20th

49 days old

On Vacations up North.....will update when I return......Jerry


May 21st

50 days old





Will update once new yard is put in.........










Osprey Nest History
Nest installed and during year George and Gracy brought in nesting
February arrived and had ?? (we think two babies)  No camera at nest!!
Installed camera on nest with Donations from residents
Had three eggs.  Three hatched and twelve days later one fell out of nest
Had four eggs and two hatched.  Two babies left nest
Three eggs laid........all three hatched.  Now waiting to see if all makes it to fledging!