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Remember OLD Bluebird houses?



GlenLakes Osprey Live Camera

Daytime video view

Night video view

Osprey Camera Day Test

Osprey Camera Night Test

2018 Osprey Nest - Results

2018 GlenLakes Osprey Nest

Osprey Donations

Osprey Expenses

Osprey Information

Live :

2017 Osprey Nest - Results
2017 GlenLakes Osprey Nest

GlenLakes Osprey Nest

George & Gracie 2017

First Egg Arrival  Contest
First Baby Hatching Contest
Start & Construction
Daily Snapshots of Babies growing up!

Resident’s Blue Bird Boxes:

Blue Bird Houses 2017

Blue Bird Donations

Remember OLD Bluebird houses?

Game Park Closed by Golf Course Board!

Feburary 2012 to December 15, 2017

Game Park
Game Park Donations 2017

Game Park Expenses 2017

Game Park Donations 2015-16
Game Park Expenses 2015-16
Donations 2012 through 2014
Expenses 2012 thru 2014
Rules for Game Park
    Clubhouse Dr & County Rd 20 started makeover Jan. 2013
Entranceway on Jan 2013

Clubhouse Donations as of Dec 2013

Clubhouse Dr. Exp. as of  Dec 2013
2014 Memorandum - Failed to Work

2014 Emergency Donations

2015 Enteranceway Results

Night Pictures of Clubhouse & 20

2016 Golf Club Entranceway










Coastal Alabama Pickleball Club
New Club started for Gulf Coast Residents
A great game for Seniors that need exercise!

For more information click their website below:
Pickleball is a cross between Bad-mitten and Tennis played with a paddle and whiffle ball!


Free Pickleball lessons
11:00 am till 1:00 pm
George Meyer Tennis Center
2049 West 2nd, Gulf Shores, AL
Loaner paddles will be available


For questions or more information call Chairperson
 Bob Webb at 619-321-7325



Come learn how to play the fastest growing sport in America!
A Game for all ages and skill levels!
Search “pickleball u-tube” to see how the game is played.

Simple Rules:

How to Play:

Tournament (good players)

The above are a couple of sites on youtube about Pickleball!
pickleball_court layout
Pickleball paddles & balls
Pickleball paddles & balls