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The purpose of this website guidebook is to simplify the understanding of the Covenants and bylaws governing our community.  Its sole purpose is to offer, in simplified form, items of main importance to residents.  It does not supersede the published Incorporation Documents nor is it all encompassing and where there is a conflict, the Incorporation Documents prevail as the legal understanding.  A full version of the guidebook is given to each new homeowner and it includes a homeowner listing of phone numbers, email address, list of committees and emergency action plan. Questions should be forwarded to your Board of Directors.

Every lot owner automatically becomes a member of the Association.  Each lot has one vote in the administration of the Association business and activities.  You are encouraged to participate in your Association and to comply with the covenants.

The covenants exist to protect the property values by insuring that our community is maintained in an attractive, stable and safe manner for all residents.  When in doubt, it is best to direct your questions to the proper committee or Board.  Each item in this booklet is referenced to the Covenants item for your reference.  Items can be found on pages 1 through 37 of the Covenants.  If you need a copy of the Covenants contact the Board Secretary.


Your association is controlled by a Board of Directors, which consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  This Board is elected by the homeowners of The Gardens At Glenlakes at the Annual meeting held each March.  Each Lot owner has one vote.  

Existing committees are:

Architectural, Pond Committee and Neighborhood Watch.  (Reference section 1.2 Page 2 of 37; 1.17, Page 4 of 37)

You are highly encouraged to participate in your community.  It is your Association, your involvement and cooperation is a must to keep our community safe, strong and property values high.

A list of the current Board can be sent to you upon request by the secretary.


The Board of Directors has determined that the Gardens assessment shall be due Quarterly.  Present monthly assessments (Fees/Dues) are $100; $300 quarterly.  All Dues are deposited promptly in a local bank account solely for the use of the Association.  A financial statement is available on request at any time and will be presented along with an estimated budget at each general meeting.   Your prompt payment is encouraged.  POA Fees/dues are due on the 1st day of January, April, July and October.  Payments are delinquent on the 15th of the month after due date.   Unpaid assessments may result in a lien against the property.  (Reference Section 5.7, 8.2, 8.4, 8.8, Page 18 of 37; 17b, Page 9 of 17)

Payment of dues every 6 months ($600) or annually ($1,200) is permitted.  If the quarterly payments presents an undue hardship on any member, the board will determine variances on a case by case basis.

If you are mailing your dues, mail to 22810 Inverness Way, Foley, AL 36535.  This is the address for the association's mail box.  There is also a drop box in the Island at the West side of Inverness Way.


Members are encouraged to help in the maintenance for all properties and the common areas in a manner consistent with the general plan for the Gardens At Glenlakes.  Yes, you can plant plants, flowers and do other decorative upgrades to your home and are encouraged to do so.  Yes, you can participate in association projects for the common areas, all are welcome.  There are some restrictions, however, and any doubt about what is permissible or not, should be directed to the Board of Directors or Architectural Committee.  ALWAYS consider the needs of the yard care contractor when planting or changing any landscaping.  He needs open access to all grass areas and landscaping to allow for efficient and cost effective lawn care.  (Reference Section 7.2, Page 12 of 37; 7.3, Page 13 of 37)


The present lawn service contract indicates the contractor is responsible for:  Cutting and edging grass, spraying for weeds; fertilizing grass and shrubs twice a year; once a year install pine straw on all lots (where applicable) and common areas; and repair sprinkler system as needed and upon request.  (Reference Section 7.2, 7.3, Page 13 of 37) 



As the Gardens at Glenlakes is a residential community, commercial or business use is restricted to in home office type of activity.  (Reference Section 14.3, page 23 of 37)

Overnight street parking and parking on the lawn areas is prohibited.  A description of vehicles permitted to be parked within the Gardens At Glenlakes is clearly defined in the articles.  (Reference Section 14.9, Page 25 of 37)

Properties shall be maintained in a tidy and clean manner including refuse containers.  Refuse is to be placed at the street on the day of pickup, other days all containers shall be kept screened or out of sight of adjacent lots and streets.  Outside burning of any refuse is NOT permitted.  (Reference Section 14.12, Page 26 of 37)

Fences, walls, hedges and ornamental structures are permitted, but must be approved by the Architectural Committee.  One major consideration of approval will be to avoid restricting the view and access of adjoining lots.  (Reference Section 14.13, Page 27 of 37)

The design of all mailboxes and newspaper boxes must be approved by the

Architectural committee.  (Reference Section 14.14, Page 27 of 37)

Exterior Artificial vegetation is NOT permitted.  (Reference Section 14.15, Page 27 of 37)

Animals and pets are to be confined by leash when outside the residence.  Waste is to be collected by the owner.  Three domesticated pets are the maximum allowed.  The Association or the Directors shall remove objectionable noise, nuisance or inconvenience causing pets.  (Reference Section 14.16, Page 27 of 37)

Temporary structures are not to be placed or constructed on any lot.

(Reference Section 14.17, Page 27 of 37)

 All pipes must be below surface, except where it is necessary to run above ground to make connections to the residence.  (Reference Section 14.18, Page 27 of  37)

No clotheslines or clothing is to be hung in the open on any lot.  (Reference)

 Section 14.19, Page 28 of 37)

Solar Panels & Energy Conservation equipment must be installed so they are not visible from any road or commons area and must be approved by the Architectural Committee.  (Reference Section 14.22, Page 28 of 37)

Tanks, pools and associated equipment must be housed in walled-in or screened areas or landscaped so they are not visible from the commons areas, road or adjoining property.  Bottled natural gas tanks are restricted to 2, five gallon tanks.  Above ground pools will not be approved, in ground pools, spas, Jacuzzis, and screen enclosures must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to construction or installation.  ( Reference section 14.23, page 28 of 37)

Storm shutters must be approved by the Architectural Committee and shall be removed or stored when the threat of a storm has passed.  (Reference  Section 14.26, Page 29 or 37)

Play equipment & Golf Carts shall be stored so they are not visible from roads and adjacent properties.  (Reference Section 14.28, 14.29, Page 29 of 37)

There are other restrictions outlined in the covenants.  The best suggestion is when in doubt or there is a potential conflict, contact your Board of Directors or the appropriate committee.  It is in the best interest of everyone to maintain our community in the manner that it was intended as a development for the benefit of all members and not to impose undue restrictions on anyone.


1. Violations brought to the attention of the Board of Directors will be first  notified to the member verbally with a request of compliance.

2. If the violation continues to exist, a 10-day written notice will be delivered to the member.

 If the violation continues the Association is empowered to correct the violation with all associated fees assessed against the property.

Unpaid assessments can cause the termination of voting rights in the Association and the loss of use of the common areas.  In addition, liens may be placed against the property.  (Reference Section 6.4, 6.6, 8.5, 8.11, Pages 11, 12, 17 & 19 of 37)





It is your association, your involvement and cooperation is a must to keep our community safe, strong and property values high.

Enjoy the benefits of living in THE GARDENS AT GLENLAKES.

Re-published by the Board of Directors for The Gardens At Glenlakes Association, December, 2013, from the original Guidebook dated July 2004.