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Glenlakes Unit One POA

Annual Meeting - March 13, 2017

Opening – Invocation by Joe Landrum

Introduction of officers and ARC members.

 President's report:

History and status of the Lake Muriel Dam transfers was provided by Mike Willis.  The Lake Muriel Dam is now owned by the Master Association which, until last week, was still under Declarant control. In other words, the Master Association is the same status as Glenlakes Unit One was prior to November 2016 - It has not been given by the developer to the members.   It was unclear if Declarant rights passed to Glen Angus, whose LLCs purchased the remaining undeveloped property from Dr. Montiel.  Considerable discussion of the issue ensued with no resolution.  Concern was voiced about our lack of insurance for the Lake Muriel Dam.  It was pointed out that since we do not own the Lake Muriel Dam we cannot purchase insurance for it.  Willis will contact Dr. Montiel to determine Declarant status for both our POA and the Master Association.  The Board is researching the optimal path forward.

[relevant note] On March 14, 2017, Mike Willis was advised by Dr. Montiel, through his employee, Jennifer Bryd, that Dr. Montiel was still the Declarant for both Glenlakes Unit One and the Master Association.

An update on the BCSS sewer lawsuit was provided.   The case has been re-filed as a class action and each individual property owner will have an opportunity to decide if they wish to be a litigant.

A status report on our electrical meter at the Carnoustie Place sign was provided.   We owe Carnoustie Gardens for the last two years electrical service as they have been paying our bill.  It was noted that we purchased their sign.   The President will discuss an equitable payment with the Carnoustie Gardens President.

Our common Property is now being taken care of and looks much better as a result of maintenance provided by Ginger Smith of Summerdale.   Five bids were requested for maintenance of the common property and three were received.  Ms. Smith was the lowest and she was chosen.

Many thanks to property owners Larry Anson and Richard Prisbus for replacing 24 broken sprinkler heads on our common property lot.

The grass on the north side of Carnoustie is not being maintained.  It belongs to the golf course and we have asked the golf course to take care of this and they have agreed.

Treasurer’s report:

Received from Glenlakes Realty  7-Nov-2016  $33,500.00

Reserve Account - Initial funding  $25,000.00 interest  $1.62   $25,001.62

Checking account - Initial funding  $33,500.00 less transfer to reserve account  -$25,000.00 less expenses  -$3,716.45 add dues received  $1,541.77

  •   $6,325.32

Accounts Receivable 

uncollected dues  $400.00 dues paid in advance  -$433.48 net  -$33.48     

Activities after February 28, 2017  

Received from Glenlakes Realty to be deposited  $2,197.60

Note: this is the final transfer  

Dues received/not deposited  $271.23

Note: $100 of this is advance payment  

Expenses to be booked  $117.90

There was much discussion about the budget for next year. As indicated, there is a negative cash flow.  It was the opinion of the officers that there are sufficient funds in the checking account for us to continue to operate without having to withdraw funds from the reserve account.  The reasons for this were the hopefully conservative estimate of legal fees and the anticipation of additional revenue when the D R Horton homes sell. An increase in dues was not supported.

 ARC report:

 Reviewed 5 requests to date:

  • 2 Pools and with associated enclosures (one of which required offset deviation)     - 1 Fence request
  • 1 play structure/swing set request – Within home boundaries – not seen from street and includes permanent basketball goals.
  • 1 New construction Lot 33
  •         Existing string line distance will be adhered to.

          Structure will be centered on lot.

          Roof/structure color will be consistent with existing colors in Carnoustie Place.           Landscaping around structure           Irrigation system.

 ARC will expect requests on:

  • New homes/pools/enclosures.      - New fencing
  • Major landscaping projects      - Roof/paint color changes.
  • One item we are still working on is the duration an RV/boat/trailer may be parked at one’s residence. We are considering 48 to 72 hours and we would like your input. If you feel strongly either way please contact one of the ARC members via email within the next 7 days with your recommendation. Your input will be taken into consideration prior to our recommendation to the president. 

 Another item that we are still addressing is the framework for covenant violations. It is safe to say that the frame work will include letters of warning, fines and liens if needed. Any noticeable violation of the covenants is justification to initiate letters of warning. Letters of warning will be issued by the president and will include a photo or photo’s when possible.

Violations will be reported to the president in writing. (email will suffice)

 Driving factors for the ARC:

Is it permitted by the covenants? 

Does it blend into the neighborhood?

Dos it harm or negatively affect the immediate neighbors?

 Officer election

  The nominating committee was introduced. The committee recommended Steve Jones for the position of Vice President. There were no nominations from the floor.  Steve Jones was elected. Steve is a building contractor and has previous experience on homeowners boards.

 New Business

 Motion by Mike Roney (Lot 16), second by Don Roberts (Lot 21) to consider asking to join Lakeview Estates POA.  A vigorous discussion was conducted.  It was noted that with current setup in Lakeview Estates, the homeowners who are not on the lake pay the same to support the lake as the homeowners on the lake.  If we join Lakeview we will see our dues going disproportionately to support the lake like the other homeowners who are not on the lake.  The matter was tabled by President Willis until next meeting to see if Lakeview successfully resolved two issues:  1) see if Lakeview took ownership of their dam and; 2) see if Lakeview corrects the issue of having the non-lake homeowners provide disproportionate support for lake maintenance.

 There was a brief discussion concerning the common property.  There were no complaints about the appearance and several comments about how good it looked.  There was no need to increase dues for improvement.

  Motion to adjourn by Joe Lesley (Lot 55) second by Bud Hydel (Lot 5).  Passed unanimously.