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Randolph, Larry
Larry Randolph
On behalf of myself and Larry Randolph (vice-President) we would like to “Thank” all 220 families of GlenLakes who have donated over $18,000 since Feb. 2012 (2 yrs and 8 months) to the GlenLakes Game Park.   Larry and I have put in thousands of hours and several others have volunteered time for the Park.  Since new owners took over in Oct. 2013 things have changed.  They cut out Beer , Wine and food  being brought to the Game Park.
On Memorial Day, (May 26th)  David Vosloh (New Owners Board President) told me since we did not buy the beans and slaw from them for $992 that I would not have food at the Game Park again without buying it through the Food & Beverage at the Clubhouse.  (Later I found that it was David Vosloh’s personal opinion and it had not been voted on by the Owners Board)   For Memorial Day Picnic we had tried to get baked bean and cole slaw from the Clubhouse but they wanted way too much.  Click: Cost of Baked beans and cole slaw
On Aug. 5th, I met with the Board and requested control of the Game Park the same as it was under TEXTRON (old owners).  I read a prepared request to the Board Members.   Merlene told me not go get off script.  See attached :  Written Statement to Board       (David Vosloh was on vacation at the time.)    Merlene came home after the meeting and said six out of six Board Members gave us permission to maintain and run the Game Park like we had requested.  At that time Larry and I started planning for lights at the Game Park.  We later put on the Labor Day Picnic to raise money for the lights.  At Labor Day we had over 200 residents and cleared over $750 in donations.  Since then we received another $300 for a total of $1,050 for lighting.
After the Labor Day Picnic at the next Board meeting David Vosloh put on the agenda "Lights for Game Park".  Merlene told me not to order the lights since lights were on the agenda.  We could not figure out why the lights were even on the agenda.  We had already spent over $500 for lights at the Park.  Currently at the Park we have lights on the statue, lights at lamp by the swing, lights on the American Flag and a plug at the Christmas Tree which was all done when TEXTRON owned the Golf Club.  At the meeting the Board voted not to have lights and Merlene said it was mostly due to “Liability”.   Later on Oct. 2nd, Sam Strite (board treasurer) emailed me that the Corporate Attorney said “liability” for the Park was not a problem” but suggested “Notice” signs.  We spent $216 for four “Notice Signs” click:  Notice at Park
We then asked owners/shareholders if they would have problems with lights.  This is the response we got from them:

How Shardholders felt

Owners Shares

Lights either a good idea or see no problem with them                                                (representing 26 shares out of 30 shares)


Not a good idea


Did not have an opinion


Board needs to make decision


Park is an eyesore!


Was not able to see


Board members were not asked for their opinion


We asked the Board to reconsider lights since the Attorney said “no problem” with liability.   On Oct. 14th at their Board meeting they did not have time to take up the light request.   They decided to wait until Oct. 28 to consider again.  It had been 76 days since the Board gave us control like we had under Textron and we started planning on the lights.  We felt it was PERSONAL for their "NO" votes.
On Friday night (Oct.17th),  Merlene (my wife) sent an email asking for a vote from the Board and she felt it was also PERSONAL.   On Sunday night we felt that they were not going to let me be over the Game Park since they kept putting me off so I resigned.  On Tuesday, Oct. 21st they called a special meeting and David Vosloh, Sam Strite, Linda Hewitt and Nancy Syphurs voted “no to lights”. Merlene DuBose and Gary Kobyiski voted ‘yes’ and Tom Spangrud was not present.  When Merlene showed them a copy of the results from the informal questioning of shareholders about lights  David Vosloh contended that the polling process had been skewed.
We were planning on lights smaller than the lights at the parking lot in front of the Clubhouse.  NOT FOOTBALL STADIUM LIGHTS!!  Click here for example of lights:  Proposed lights
I requested on November 3rd the reasons for the Board voting “NO” since it was not a liability problem.   As of November 12th I have had this answer to my question from the Board.   Click: Only Reply from Board  I went to the Clubhouse and requested to look at the minutes of the meeting as a Stockholder/Owner.   Below is what I found:                                      

1.  See no need because of the actual hours of daylight available and when shorter days, too cold to go to park.

2.  Diffferent element of patrons after dark than before dark.

3.  Light may spill over onto neighbors who may object.

4.  Concern that people from outside the development may use the park at night.

At the Board’s direction David Volosh sent an e-mail to the Presidents of each Association in GlenLakes.   David Vosloh decided that it would cost around $3,000 a year to maintain the Game Park.   How Vosloh got the $3,000 a year figure Larry and I have no idea!  Vosloh never asked Larry Randolph or me that built and kept up the Game Park for the last two and one-half years what it would cost to maintain.
When we have a picnic at the Game Park we have more than enough monies to keep up the park or all we have to do is send out an e-mail asking for donations.
I sent an email on November 4th to the Board to let them know I would keep up the Game Park until December 31st to give them time to figure out what to do.
Larry Randolph and I are willing to keep up the Game Park under the same conditions that worked great under Textron that I thought was given at the August 5th Board meeting.