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    Clubhouse Dr & County Rd 20 started makeover Jan. 2013
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Clubhouse Drive & Co Rd 20 Project

Completely upgraded by Glenlakes Residents Donations

from January 25, 2013 till Feburary 2014

The Entranceway look before upgraded in January 2013


Medium 2009


East side of Clubhouse Dr & Co Rd 20

Median of Clubhouse Dr & Co Rd 20

West side of Clubhouse Dr & Co Rd 20

Background of improvement

The Gardens POA stated “Clubhouse Dr & Co Rd 20 was not their entranceway but individual residents could donate”.

Lakeview Estates POA stated over 60% of their residents felt it was their entranceway and they would assist with some of the cost.

Carnoustie Place/Gardens does not have a POA  (Dr. Montiel has paid $659 for new electrical lines and $100 toward fountain pump).

Glenlakes Golf Course has provided labor for trenching, cutting grass, mulch and labor putting mulch out.

The Villas never uses Clubhouse Dr entranceway.

Started getting donations January 2013 to completely upgrade the Entranceway.

Put brick border around large beds and added mulch.

Repaired small Fountain with Dr. Montiel ($100) and Ed Solomon ($100) paying for small pump motor which cost $217.81

Planted 32 double knockout roses that were donated behind the small pond and fountain around the Sago Bed.

Put out mulch around the knockout roses and sagos and planted small palm removed from Swimming pool area.

Dr. Montiel (Carnoustie Owner) paid $659.03 to have new electrical lines to each side and median on February 14th.

Added indirect lighting to each side of Clubhouse Drive and Rose-Sago bed.

Planted flowers around 6 Oak trees in median and will put some more out in fall.

Bermuda grass installed 4 years ago in median was suppose to live under trees died and was replaced with Cypress mulch.

Put five lights under five Oaks on East side of Clubhouse Dr before Dunes #15 green.

When new Owners of the Golf Course on Oct. 16, 2013 after a couple of months they decided to take over their entranceway and keep it up. The last update with donations was in February 2014.

For the records of Donations and Expenses click below:

Donations from Jan. 2013 till Feb. 2014:

Clubhouse Donations to Date

Expenses from Jan. 2013 till Feb. 2014:

Clubhouse Dr. Expenses to Date

Memorandum of Understanding that did not work: