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GlenLakes -  Fall Garage Sale
October 28, 2017

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Late Friday afternoon is a “PREVIEW DAY” for all residents that are putting out Garage Sale items only put Yellow Balloon on mailbox!
Friday is not for the general public.

Debby Wier (Lakeveiw Resident) had a great idea and suggested that you put a “Yellow Balloon” on your mail box between 4:00 - 6:00 pm, Friday afternoon to show you are participating in the GlenLkaes “Preview Sale” !

For a free “Yellow Balloon contact any of the following:

Jerry DuBose - 978-3069;     Mike Willis - 955-2469;     Rose Marie Campbell - 334-777-8429

If you are participating on Saturday only, put “Yellow Balloon” out Saturday morning on your mailbox!

Lakeview Estates Fall Garage Sale is set for  Saturday, October 28, 2017.
The Lakeview Estates POA will put out large signs at Co Rd 20 & Clubhouse Dr, Co Rd 20 & Fairway Drive, Fairway Drive & Co Rd 12 and Eagle Ln & Co Rd 12.  These will be put on on Wednesday, October 25th.    The individual homeowners should not put signs at these entranceway.        Remember  that each participant is running their sales independently and will be  responsible for any advertising other than the signs at the four entrances  provided by the Association.      Everyone is reminded that it is illegal to place  any signs in the median on the Foley Expressway.    Please see below for more information or tips about the Garage Sale weekend.  For any Questions about the Fall Garage Sale, please contact Dick Dayton at or call 330-612-4153

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Yellow Balloons

Left over items will be picked up by Big Fish Ministries

I have contacted Mr. Morris Mann(Community Relations Supervisor)from Big Fish Ministries  to pick up the leftover items from the yard sale on Oct. 28th.   His suggestion is that once you have closed down your yard sale, please take your yellow balloon and attach it to your yard sale items stack.    If you have small items, please put them in a container of some type. They will then know it is ready to be picked up.     They will take the yellow balloon away, then put a tax receipt in your mailbox.   Please check your mailbox for the receipt. Also, they would prefer you not putting it right on the street. He said it is better if you leave it closer to your house to keep others from coming along and picking up items thinking it is put out for anyone to pick up.     If you do not put a balloon on your stack, it will NOT be picked up  by Big Fish.      Jerry, Mike Willis and Rose Marie Campbell are providing the yellow balloons.    All you have to do is call one of them for a yellow balloon to mark your stack. 

The yellow balloon will mark that is is for Big Fish or you can put the yellow balloon and a sign with Big Fish on it. 

Please help us help you this year.!!!!!   Thank you.    Sylvia Womack -Beautification Chair, Lakeview Estates HOA 

FYI, the Big Fish Ministries is making a difference in South Baldwin County by providing long term recovery solutions for the homeless and addicted. 
What a blessing! 

 Fall Garage Sale information:

  Several residents requested that we have private garage sale for Friday afternoon for residents that are going to have their personal stuff in the garage sale on Saturday. Any ideas of how we could accomplish this would be appreciated.

The Board of Directors has agreed to allow POA members to run their sales independently on Friday, October 27, 2017

The following conditions apply to the Fall Garage Sale:

  • Each participating member will be responsible for advertising his garage sale.
  • Merchandise may be displayed on Saturday, October 28th between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. 
  • The garage sale signs may be placed in front yards on Saturday, October 28, 2017.
  •   Additional Reminders and/or Suggestions:
  • Garage sale participants and non-participants are urged to rope off driveways and property to ensure easy access to / from your home and to protect your yard and/or sprinkler systems.
  • Due to traffic concerns, residents living along County Road 12 are urged to contact a friend inside our subdivision. 
  • The streets should be open in time for mail delivery (which is now later in the day) and our delivery person will make every effort to reach your mailbox.   We have spoken with the local postmaster and if parked cars prevent access to a mailbox that mail will be held and delivered on Monday.
  • It has been suggested that each participant could place balloons on their mailbox to indicate that you are having a sale at your home.
  •   Thank you for your interest and participation.