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Osprey Camera
Read below before you click
Pic 3
Click here: and it will take you to the page.
Once there put in the following information:
username: glenlakes
password: glenlakes
Then "Log in"
 Right now with the slow internet connection the live button does not work that well.
What does work very good (without sound) is the video links below the video page. 
You can click : 1 hr  ,  6 hr,  12 hrs or 24 hours to see recording that were made. (You can go back in time with the calendar)    Each blue mark is when the camera came on and recorded approx. 30 seconds.
Once you decide how much you want to see you can click on that blue line to see the time of the recordings.   Click forward if it does not do it by itself.
On the screen at the top right you will see where to click on full screen.
To make the picture full screen click on the two opposing arrows.  Not the little screen with one arrow but the two opposing arrows.
To get out of full screen mode, hit escape.
If you use an i-pad or i-phone you will need to go to App Store and download the free "Foscam App".
If you need any help call Jerry DuBose at 251-978-3069 or Mike Willis (Carnoustie Dr) at 251-955-2469 .