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At my meeting with the Owners Board on August 5th,  Merlene had me read my “request” word for word.

( As if you do not know I have a problem of going off script! )

Game Park Meeting with Board on August 5, 2014

Feb. 2012 - William Dabney (Super), Tony Westervelt (GM), Chris Roberson (Casper Golf) and Mike McGuire (Textron) gave me permission to use the 180 ft x 180 ft lot behind swimming pool for a Game Park. 

As long as it did not cost the Golf Course any money and we maintained the area it would be for “Residents of GlenLakes”.

We could and have had picnics with beer & wine, games in teh afternoon, wine and cheese parties, birthday parties, church functions...all after Food & Beverage closes at 3:00 pm.

Over 220 GlenLakes residents have donated over $17,000 to the Game Park.  (Names amounts and expenses are listed on )

Out of the $17,000, twenty Stockholders have donated over $4,000 of this amount.  Volunteers have donated many hours also to maintain the Park.

Since late last summer we have not been able to bring wine, beer or cheese because we were told the Golf Course could lose their liquor license.

Memorial Day, David Vosloh informed me due to liability no food except what was prepared by the Clubhouse could be served at the Game Park.  (Later I found it was his personal opinion and not voted on by the full Board)

The GlenLakes Game Park was not built to provide revenue for the Food & Beverage.  It was built and paid for to be used for the Community of GlenLakes.

There are no overhead cost associated with the Game Park to the Food & Beverage or the Golf Club.  Everything has been donated or money raised from outings.

I have witnessed food brought to the for Pot luck, some LGA events and other outings. I have witnessed beer, wine, alcohol and food brought on the premises without any problems.  It was allowed because the Club could make money from them in other ways to pay for  personnel, heating, cooling, supplies, etc.

See release for outing that will be signed by attendants at Park to relieve the Club of liability. Liability release form

I am asking for the Game Park to go back to the original reason for the construction with Larry Randolph and myself in charge the SAME WAY IT WAS WITH TEXTRON OWNERSHIP.

The Game Park is a win - win for the GlenLakes Golf Club

When we had the Memorial Day Picnic the beer tab was not working correctly.  The beer sat in Pitchers until someone bought it.  I heard complaints about the small size of the cups nad how the beer was not cold.  The Club staff made around $80 in tips for two hours work and profits from the beer sales.

At July 4th picnic I told everyone when they called it was going to be really hot and it would be better to meet in the Clubhouse with A/C.  Then Food & Beverage decided to buy cheap hamburger meat to make sure they made money off the residents of GlenLakes.  Many said they would not come again to buy a hamburger if that is what a “Birdie Burger” was like.  F & B really missed a first GOOD IMPRESSION that will be hard to get back.


1.  Get a bulldozer and level itit and put out new sod then maintain.

2.  Forget about it and let the grass grow, tables fall down and rot etc.

3.  Have William Dabney take over and each week have several of his men maintain the Game Park.